Dyslexia and Literacy Assessment and Support Services

Hear This Jumbled Letters DYSLASS believes that all people with dyslexic difficulties should be given the opportunity to shine and show their true potential. An important element in this is to have access to individual advice, guidance as well as practical support and tutoring in order to develop appropriate strategies and skills for all stages of learning and for life.
Hear This Assessments

DYSLASS offers diagnostic assessments for children, students in higher education and adults providing a detailed diagnostic assessment report.
Further details are available on our Assessments page.
Hear This Special Offer:

Access to a daily tutor program to improve reading, spelling and self-esteem for children and young people. Limited places available.

For further details please contact Joyce Rutledge on 07584 785416 or email your name and contact details to enquiries@dyslass.co.uk.
Hear This DYSLASS provides support, advice and guidance for those experiencing dyslexic differences and literacy difficulties including:

  • Children - KS1 to KS4 pupils
  • Adults - those in work and those looking for employment
  • Students in further and higher education
  • Anyone requiring information about or seeking help with dyslexia: parents/grandparents, guardians, teachers and other professionals
DYSLASS offers;
Hear This For KS1/ KS2 children:
  • A teaching assessment to identify areas of weakness in literacy (this is not an assessment to diagnose dyslexia but to inform teaching)
  • Blocks of one to one multi sensory teaching to improve phonic skills, pre-reading skills and other literacy weaknesses
For KS3/ KS4 pupils
  • Blocks of one to one tuition to improve organisation/ time management, study skills including strategies to help revision and exam techniques
Hear This For adults:
  • One to one sessions offering training in developing strategies for the work place
  • One to one sessions to develop areas of literacy
  • Advice for anyone on any issues surrounding dyslexia
  • Tax advice and support for small businesses

For students: study skills courses for those in further or higher education and proofreading service

For parents: one to one advice sessions or practical help on how to support your dyslexic child