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DYSLASS offers diagnostic assessments for:
  • Children 8 -16
  • Students 16 - 18 in Further Education
  • Students in Higher Education applying for Disabled Students Allowance
  • Adults including those applying for Access To Work
The assessment process will include the following crucial elements:
  • Collection of extensive backgroud information including developmental, educational and family history as well as details of current difficulties

  • Thorough assessment of cognitive abilities including underlying verbal and non verbal ability alongside memory, phonological and visual processing skills

  • Detailed analysis of literacy and phonological skills

  • Identification of individual strengths and skills

  • Specific, individualised recommendations outlining practical support strategies for home, learning and personal development

  • A comprehensive report written in a clear style that can easily be understood by all

We will endeavour to produce the report within a reasonable timescale to meet your needs.

To discuss and arrange an assessment please contact us on Tel: 07584 785416 or Email: Enquiries