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DYSLASS offers support for adults who are studying, those in work and those looking for employment.

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DYSLASS also offer diagnostic assessments for adults.
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For Students

One to one study skills sessions aiming to develop effective learning techniques covering any of the following areas:
  • Understanding the question
  • Researching
  • Learning styles
  • Planning, organising, writing, proofreading
  • Time management
  • Organisational skills
  • Dealing with stress
  • Memory
  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Revision/exams
These sessions are for students with dyslexic differences in KS3/KS4, further education and higher education (who do not qualify for Disabled Students Allowance). However, anyone who is studying would benefit from this training.

The sessions will be arranged at a time and location convenient to you and to fit around your busy schedule.
  • Professional Skills Test - support in helping aspiring trainee teachers to achieve success in the English skills test
DYSLASS also offers a proof reading service.

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Adults in Work

As an adult in employment, or self-employed, who experiences dyslexic difficulties you may qualify for support through the government Access to Work scheme.

DYSLASS provides assistance in the workplace:
  • Full diagnostic assessment
  • Workplace needs assessment
  • Study coach support
However, if you do not qualify for this support or do not have a disability but would like to develop strategies which will enable you to work more efficiently and effectively this training may be for you.

The strategy training will include the following areas:
  • Organisation
  • Time management
  • Prioritising
  • Reading / proofreading
  • Remembering verbal instructions
  • Taking notes
  • Writing
  • Memory
  • Concentration
  • Dealing with interruptions
  • Stress
  • Assertiveness
The sessions will be one to one of an hour or one and a half hours in length covering any of the above areas. Sessions can be arranged at a place and time convenient to you.

DYSLASS also provides tax advice and support for self-employed adults.

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Adults Looking for Employment

Many adults did not receive the appropriate support during their education and are now looking to improve their literacy skills in order to gain employment. These sessions are for those who despite having tried to improve their skills through attending courses or accessing further support feel they need further help. They are also available to those who are being or have been assessed as experiencing dyslexic difficulties.

These one to one sessions aim to work with individuals to improve reading, spelling, writing and organisational skills. Charges may be flexible on proof of low income.

A one to one confidential consultation to receive advice about being assessed for dyslexia or where to access other support is also available.

Hear This Contact DYSLASS for further details about any of the above support.

Please note that as DYSLASS is based in Bolton the above sessions are available to anyone within reasonable travelling distance eg Greater Manchester or Lancashire. If you live further away and are interested in any courses we offer please contact DYSLASS to discuss.