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Hear This Books

To encourage children to read:

  • Explore and talk about the book before starting to read
  • On returning to the book see what can be remembered before starting to read again
  • The adult reads a page or paragraph and the child reads the next one
  • Use a marker to help the reader keep track of where they are up to
  • As well as reading the book from school let the child choose their own reading material such as another book, a comic or something relating to an interest they have
  • When out and about encourage them to read signs and notices
  • Listen to the Phonic sounds

Hear This Distorted Text

The working of the eyes

Some people with dyslexic difficulties can also experience visual stress that results in visual discomfort or disturbance when trying to read text. Symptoms may include:
  • Blurred letters or words
  • Letters or words that move on the page
  • Gaps between words in the wrong place
  • Losing text and just seeing rivers of white
  • Difficulty with tracking across a page
  • Glare from the white page affecting reading
  • Sore eyes/ headaches/exhaustion from reading
Any of the above can affect a person's ability to read. So if a child or adult complains of any of the above symptoms and they have already had their eyes tested by an optician then they will need to see an optometrist or orthoptist. The result of this assessment may mean you need to complete eye exercises or for some it may mean that using a coloured overlay or coloured paper may help. The ophthalmic optician or orthoptist will investigate, assess and advise on the best course of action.

If you require more information please contact DYSLASS.

Hear This Computer Keyboard

IT and dyslexia

Information technology can play a vital role in supporting and assisting dyslexic individuals with learning, managing life and work.

The types of software available include:
  • Text to speech such as Text Help
  • Speech to text such as Dragon Dictate
  • Planning, writing software such as Inspiration
  • Notetaking
  • Managing appointments/dates